Somerset Hills

Somerset Hills

in watercolours

“We walked slowly back to Roadwater (nestling in a cocoon haze of woodsmoke), along a track-road high above the Leighland valley - a small, chapel bell-tower just peeping above the fall of the fields. And beyond the coastal meadows; the blue, indistinct line of the Severn Sea, and a rainbow, presaging rain.”

Moving inland from the Somerset coast, this book covers the titled ranges of hills lying entirely within the borders of the historical county: the wide open heath and intimate combes of the Quantocks: the Brendons' deep valleys and wooded hills: the sun-capturing butterfly slopes of the Poldens: and the tougher landscape of Mendip's plateau, gullys and caves.

200 pages with over 160 paintings and drawings.

Hardback: £18.99

ISBN 978-0-9541546-8-4

Paperback: £14.99

ISBN 978-0-9541546-7-7

Copyright © Rosie and Howard Smith

Anchor Head
St. John's Church and the Glebe House Sand Bay looking to Birnbeck
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